Central Manitoba Model Railroad

A work in progress......with no affiliation whatsoever to the Central Manitoba Railway!


January 13, 2013

Finally finished up the GP9RM today, and I am really happy with how it turned out.  If I do another one, however, I think I will start off with a Kaslo shell, if I can find one with 36" fans.  The main delay was getting another set of ditch light LED's, as I ended up cooking the original set.

Here is the ditch light wire routing, as well as a baffle I installed on the roof to keep the number board light from illuminating the cab as well.


Here is a close-up of the number board and front light LED's.  I added some non-hardening putty to keep them in place as well as baffle some of the light.


Here is the finished product with hand rails and fuel tank installed.


Here is a shot with her lit up.  The ditch lights are more yellow, not sure why, as they are all supposed to be Sunny White.


December 5, 2012

Have been neglecting this page, so thought I should do an update.  Additional modifications to the GP9 shell since my first post are as follows:

Removed the front and rear step platforms to make way for the snow plows.


Removed the existing exhaust stacks and cut some cover plates out of 0.015" styrene.


Installed spark arrestors, three chime horn and bell from Miniatures By Eric.


Installed the winter hatch from the GP20.  Also added a Sinclair antenna from MBE.


Next I sanded off the cast headlight bezel and drilled holes for the grab bars and ditch lights.  Added detail parts as follows:

Miniatures By Eric: Headlight bezel, ditch light housings and MU stand.

Details West: MU hoses, grab bars and snow plow.

Prototype Model Industries: Steps (included in cab kit).


At the rear I sanded off and filled in the small light bezels.  Added detail parts as follows:

Miniatures By Eric: MU stand.

Details West: MU hoses, grab bars and snow plow.

Prototype Model Industries: Hand wheel (included in cab kit).


After all the detail parts were added I permanently glued on the cab and gave the shell assembly a coat of primer.


...followed by gloss black.


Next I laid out, printed and applied the CEMR decals.  The air intake decals are from PMI (included in cab kit).  I also painted the step trim, MU hose ends and window frames and glued on the number boards.


Oct 4, 2012

So as you have seen in my previous posts I am starting this project with a Proto 2000 GP20 equipped with aftermarket DCC and sound that I purchased on Ebay.  Originally I was hoping to rework the GP20 shell into something that reasonably represented a GP9RM, but after studying it more I came to the conclusion that it would be more work than it is worth.


When I received the GP20 the speaker was mounted to the cab roof, so the first thing I did was move it to the chassis.



Because a high hood Proto 2000 GP9 will fit on the GP20 chassis, I decided to try and find one then rework it instead.  I found this one on Ebay.


I disassembled the GP9, GP20 and an SW9 shell that I was also working on and stripped the paint off of them using a mixture of brake fluid and isopropyl alchohol.


While I was originally intending to cut down the GP9 hood, I came across Prototype Model Industries, who make a cast GP9RM cab, so I decided to order one of them instead.


Here is the cast cab compared to the Proto 2000.  The cast cab will have to have more material removed at the roof to fit the GP9 shell.


After studying the cab and GP9 shell I decided that I would modify the cab to fit the shell.


Here is the cab after removing the boxes.


Even after removing material up to the roof of the cab, it still did not sit flush with the GP9 shell base, so I had to remove some material from the top of the shell as well.  Also notice that I had to remove the seat pedestals to clear the speaker.


Here is the modified cab test fit onto the GP9 shell.


The GP20 fuel tank covered the air tanks which were cast into the chassis.  On the GP9RM, the air tanks are exposed and the fuel tank is much shorter, so I modified it by removing a section from the middle.


Next I plan to drill the grab bar and other miscellaneous holes into the cab.  I also ordered some 3mm LED's for the headlights as well as some miniature surface mounts for the ditch lights.  They look awfully damn small, should be fun wiring them up!